Great Wall of China, November 2015

About Us

We are Canadians who have enjoyed the opportunity of living overseas. We are passionate about volunteerism, travel and language learning. We have dedicated many years to helping people learn to improve their lives and meet their goals and potential. We have been involved in public speaking and tutoring for many years and have taken training in more than forty methods for teaching English as a second language.

As native English speakers, we know firsthand the difficulties of learning a different language and culture. We have both learned a second or third language. These languages include Mandarin Chinese and American Sign Language. Our experience has helped us to see that learning another language and mastering a language are two different things. However, through humour and real life situations, language learning has been a milestone in our relationship and careers.

Our love of travel, language and people motivated us to create Eclectic Solutions – a unique online service to help people improve their English language skills. Eclectic Solutions is designed to create language opportunities for people who speak English as a second or additional language.