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Involve me and I will learn.

Are you nervous to strike up a conversation with someone in English? Do you feel overwhelmed when you travel to a foreign country and the English words just cannot come out of your mouth? We know what it is like to learn a second language, and we know how it feels to travel and live in a foreign country.

Reading and studying English textbooks may help you improve your writing and reading skills, but doing so may not help you speak the language. Experience has shown that fluently speaking another language must be developed through constant communication. We invite you to take the opportunity to communicate with us on a regular basis.

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Our Services

Language Coaching

We are native English speakers with experience in teaching and learning. Our focus in this aspect is to help our clients improve their English language skills. We also provide guidance on more specific needs. Do you need help with an essay, a presentation or homework? We can help.

Cultural Consultation

What is it like to live in a western country? Whether you plan to move to a western country or just travel to one, we can help you prepare.

Cultural consultation includes helping you apply for required services such as health care, home and vehicle insurance. With confidence, we will introduce you to our preferred vendors that will help you to complete routine services such as: automotive repairs and maintenance, heating and plumbing services, home renovations.


We provide translation services for Mandarin Chinese (simplified) to English. We also provide tutoring and translation services for specific Red Seal examinations. Please contact us for more details.

Other Services

Do you have a specific need that is not listed here? Do you require voice-over recordings or a reading coach? Please fill out the form below to contact us.

We have many years of combined experience learning languages and living abroad. Our specialties include tutoring and public speaking.